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PARABÉNS! | Group Show curated by Guilherme Teixeira | São Paulo, Brazil 

Ana Prata, Marcelo Cipis, Allan, Yan Coppeli, Bruno Baietto, Gabriella Garcia, Nathalie Braido, Pedro Caetano, Roberto Bertô, Basica TV,  Felipe Barsuglia, Pedro Ermel & Marcelo Jarosz.

We would very much like to thank the immense presence of all these immense people in this great festivity and just the things that are here, now, in this specific space, this wonderful celebration, this celebration per se, this amazingly delicious space, this collusion of wonders, this house. of pleasures, this shelter of (in) useful things, this state full of euphoria, this measured line of despair, this explosive festive line, this beautiful day that kisses a wide, this cuddle full of light colors, in this space where metaphor does not give way. tell of this yellow giggle that hugs everyone, this random desire to fenestrate everything, this open hug that kills like a smile, this whole desire to dance.


Thank you very much, thank you, we apologize for the tone of the speech given here, we understand how expensive some issues are - and anticipated, to everyone present. Yes, that's where we come in. And no, unfortunately the tea is over. No, this is not anyone's house in particular, but everyone's house in specific. The door is slightly open at 45 degrees so that everyone can pass through it, enter into this conviviality, postulate doubts, understand why it is here, not only here where you probably stand, read, but here-here now etc, forgive the movements. confusing, it is wine, but we hope that our intention for symbolic congestion is clear.

just one more thing: stay, have cake, and don't forget to pet Lulu.


- Guilherme teixeira


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