Gabriella Garcia (Rio de Janeiro 1992) is a self-taught artist, whose practice moves between sculpture, painting and installations. With a process that took collage as a driving force in it’s beginning, Gabriella's work includes not only where she is, but also where she derives from. Cutout figures take up space in works where plaster, fabric, polyurethane, empty space, metals, minerals, among others, dialogue in the construction of unique pieces that have in their compositions, magnetism as a tonic figure. The images in the artist's constructions, be they bi or three-dimensional, work as if in a continuous effort of fusion: an incessant search for the assimilation of materials that, in their essences, bring in their materiality a unique reality and tangibility. The works put to test a vivid exercise of confrontation between gesture and nature; manipulation and relationship, creating a game where what is understood as terrain, is the unique possibility that the artistic gesture has of making brutality, lightness. Gabriella participated in group shows in Brazil such as “Together”, at 55SP Gallery (São Paulo), in 2016, “Visionary”, at Open Gallery (Rio de Janeiro), in 2015, and internationally as “You know you can buy it”, at B32 ArtSpace (Maastricht, Netherlands), in 2015, “Collagism: a survey of contemporary collage”, at the Strathroy Caradoc Museum (Ontario, Canada), in 2016 and “Like me as you do”, at the Scandinavian Collage Museum (Rennebu, Norway). In 2016 she presented the solo exhibition “O Equilíbrio Do Caos”. Has participated in the Pivô Pesquisa residency and also presented her first international solo exhibition "#FFFFFF" in Berlin at Aesthetik 01 Gallery curated by Kristina Nagel. The artist lives and works in São Paulo.



2018 | #FFFFFF | Galeria Aesthetik01 | Berlin, Germany | Curated by Kristina Nagel 

2016 | The Chaos Balance |  Recorte Gallery | São Paulo, Brazil | Curated by Julie Dumont


2014 | Jesus Mary Mickey Money | ZBra Gallery | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Curated by Pedro Vasconcelos


2019 | As Vezes Me Sinto Tão Pequeno | São Paulo, Brazil | Curated by Felipe Morozini

2019 | Imóvel | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  | Curated by Carolina Carreteiro e Marcos Pavão

2019 | Parabéns | São Paulo, Brazil  | Curated by Guilherme Teixeira

2018 | A Imensa Preguiça | Galeria Sancovsky |  São Paulo, Brasil  | Curated by Guilherme Teixeira


2018 | Open Studio | Pivô Arte e Pesquisa | São Paulo, Brazil 


2018 | This Is What Happens When Two Substances Collide |  Dekmantel | São Paulo, Brazil | Curated by Caio Spessoto


2017 | Like Me As You Do | Scandinavian Collage Museum | Barkak, Norway | Curated by Miss Print


2017 | There’s Something Here | Recorte Gallery | São Paulo, Brazil | Curated by Paula Plee


2016 | Collagism;A Survey of Contemporary Collage | Strathroy Caradoc Museum | Ontario, Canadá | Curated by Christian Julien Siroyt


2016 | Visionary | Open Gallery | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Curated by Floor Van Hulsen & Olmo Koel


2016 | You Know You Can Buy It | B32 Art Space | Maastricht, Netherlands | Curated by Felipe Trdt


2014 | Sarau Eletronico” | Comuna | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Curared by Leilah Acciolly


2020 | Otra Feria  | Spain | Represented by Galeria Lume

2020 | Art Rio | Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | Represented by Galeria Lume

2020 | SP ARTE | São Paulo, Brazil | Represented by Galeria Lume

2019 | PARTE Contemporary Art Fair | São Paulo, Brazil | Represented by Piscina 

2019 ARTE BA | Bueno Aires, Argentina | Represented by 55SP

2017 | PARTE Contemporary Art Fair | São Paulo, Brazil | Represented by 55SP


2018 | Pivô Arte e Pesquisa | São Paulo, Brazil 


Self Taught

“Arte Como Conhecimento” Franz Manata EAV (Escola de Artes Visuais) - Rio de Janeiro 

“Arte e Reflexão” Anna Bella Geiger & Fernando Cocchiarale EAV (Escola de Artes Visuais) - Rio de Janeiro

“Introdução a Cerâmica ” Patricia Henriques SESC Belenzinho - São Paulo


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