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#FFFFFF | Solo Show curated by Kristina Nagel | Aesthetik01 Gallery | Berlin, Germany

The core element that keeps us envisioning the natural world together is perceptible only by the value of what it is not. The conditions that it functions within collude under the illusion that the light which rakes it surface is born not of natural phenomenon, but rather an un-natural algorithm of perceptible, if immobile feature. Documenting the qualities in which the synthetic aspiration of hex numbers apply to the human eye has been a fundamental quality in which the research laboratories
of a global network of disparate entities have accumulated latent information in which the algorithm which defines the color or perceptible values of our screen existence transmutes itself into a binary form in which the distraction of the “real” in terms of lived qualities of light affecting surface straining the cones of the eye, produce a natural synthesis between brain and retina and are thus challenged by the iniquities devised in rendering the color schema of screen-based transmission as negligible to the natural order of the human brain. In remedy, the scientific data has been harvested and cross-examined against a wider data set in which the facilitation of the original organ (eye) may be placed in the context of the hypothetical market in which the color within the screen is given access and is able to coalesce with the human neo-cortex via this route and thus renders the plausible if un-substantiated plasticity of the screen color as “real” in transmission to the organ.

When this schema is exported and re-arranged mathematically to invoke the original 24 bit RGB color spectrum as supplied by the cones of the eye, the physical manifestation in which the brain reads the color and its density as neutral by comparison of the same color of an object mathematically exported to the screen from “reality” falters. The status, the induced error of color seen in “real” is directly confrontational to the “color” of the network, which seeks to make dialogue between man, color and the perception of color from the application governing its transmission. The overall viewpoint is such that in terms of retinal acquisition, the new color works to embed its nature synthetically, in transhuman repose with the binary result of the organic structure of the neo-cortex and the organ of the eye.

It invites its insidious nature into the organic process of the human, seeking a luxury lair in which it can inform the neo-cortex into its rationale. It seeks to dominate the language of color for the process of transmission in the host society. When an abrupt break occurrence of a feedback loop is detected, the color perceptible to the human eye organ falters and the reality of the original processing unit is exposed for the color that it is not, instead offering a slim and marginal patina of muted metallic features not unlike the fantastical and imaginary relationship to the future itself transporting human consciousness into a state of panic both design-oriented and unnatural in behavior. It is within the bounds of panic that the dis-calibration and the resulting mainframe distortion react violently to being exposed and data terms hosts the largest potential to be challenged as to form and function of physicality along with retardation of nominative reconciliations of color value to natural environment. The everyday is thus given over to the extraordinary without the possibility of reversion.



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